This course on WordPress, web software that you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app teaches you everything from the basics to the advance concepts with the help of various example websites. Each session includes topic description followed by exercise questions and assignments.

During the course, you will be working on projects so as to give you an overall idea on how to use WordPress in building real world applications. You will also have quizzes to check your progress yourself.

Course Snapshot

Mentorin Hours: 20
Hours Per Session: 2

Course Syllabus

1. Introduction
1.1. Installing WordPress
1.2. WordPress file and database structure
1.3. Themes
1.4. Plugins
1.5. Pages
1.6. Posts
1.7. Manage menu
1.8. Manage widgets
1.9. Edit the style
2. WordPress Practical 1
3. Theme and Plugin case studies
3.1. Modify theme via a child theme
3.2. Theme case studies
3.3. Plugin case studies
4. WordPress Practical 2
5. Hands-on with WordPress coding
5.1. Life of a WordPress request
5.2. The main query
5.3. The loop
5.4. The hooks system
5.5. Custom post types and custom taxonomies
5.6. The wpdb class
6. WordPress Practical 3
7. Best practices and an application
8. WordPress Practical 4