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I am Barun Kumar, a full stack web developer and master trainer. I have developed this website in order to easily connect with my students and clients. If you are a person in need of your web development tasks done, you can contact me on the details given on the contact page and in the contact details section at the end of this page. If you are a student in need of training or project support, you can contact for the same.

Below is a video lesson as a sample.


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How does it work?

Contact me with your choice of course
You contact me with your choice of course. We discuss, plan and schedule our sessions. Below are contact details.
Software you need
You have to install Skype and Teamviewer. We will talk via Skype and have system access using Teamviewer.
And we'll have our ride for knowledge
From here onwards it is my duty to help you achieve your goal in a healthy manner. Remember, you will have fun.

Contact Details


Barun Sir is an awesome Teacher. He has a great personality and is always willing to help. He will continue to explain things until you understand the information. He makes class interesting and exciting. I enjoy coming to class everyday. Thanks for doing a great job ! - Jyotsana Bhardwaj
I feel these qualities in you - good mind decrypter, ready to help always, friendly behavior, good entertainer. Its my privilege to have a teacher like you. - Mandeep Singh
It's been really a nice experience to have a teacher like Barun sir. He is a person who makes learning easier by creating an atmosphere where one could understand and learn concepts easily. At the same time, he keeps on motivating the students which according to me, is very essential to enhance the confidence of a student. - Vaishali Mittal
Thanks Barun! Thanks for being honest and thanks for being a great tutor as well. I can not tell you how much i appreciate it in this time while i was busy looking after my kids! - Serena, Australia